Tuesday, 9 September 2008

EcoSearch’s First 'Dot Green' Blog Post

Like many firsts this one has been avidly anticipated, but by who?

Those who knew it was coming of course! Those of us most acutely aware of this blog launch work in the EcoSearch office. We like to consider ourselves expert consultants in our various ‘green’ fields.

Take a moment to meet the team that will be regular contributors to the blog and find out their areas of expertise: 

Clare - Wind and Solar Energy

Debby – Green IT and Marine Renewables

Katharine  – Using Web2.0 to get your EcoJob

Mark – Sustainability and Climate Change Consulting

Steven – Carbon Markets & Low Carbon Technologies 

Guests – The people we meet every day working to make our world a cleaner place

Coming up over the next couple of weeks:

Our first posts will form a 5 day series discussing the talent shortage in the wind energy industry:

“A Working Week to Solve the Wind Energy Talent Shortage”

Clare Buxton, our resident expert, will take you through the issues step by step. Whether you are a company hiring or someone already working in the industry looking to be hired, you will find something here to help. The series begins on Monday 15th September.

Stay tuned for more exciting and helpful content from our other industry experts.

We look forward to receiving your comments. Don’t forget to subscribe via RSS using the buttons on the right and get EcoPosts hot off the press.


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