Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Reflection On Climate Change And The Role Of Religion

After a frantic year, knee deep in satisfying the demands for expertise to deliver technology from reverse osmosis to biomass to smart metering, I recently had a well deserved break. I was able to explore the wonders of the Spanish Asturias mountains whilst taking time out with some very dear friends – old and new.

I’m not one to dwell overly on religion, but the Spanish impress me with their wonderful family ethics, strong religious beliefs and amazing church constructions in seemingly impossible mountain passes. One of the members of our group has just taken a fascinating new career path. She will be working in the heart of Rome, spending time advising various churches on how they disseminate climate change education to their various congregations. A big responsibility, and clearly one of huge importance.

I’ve also recently completed an assignment in the climate change lobbying space. Again this gave me real insight into the development of policy and the impact and importance such discussions will have to the forthcoming Copenhagen conference.

En route back to the UK (by boat, I hasten to add), not having had the luxury of TV and internet in our remote mountain accommodation, we saw distressing pictures of the Philippines – further reminders that all is not well on our planet.

I was reminded of the Richard Dimbleby lecture given by HRH Prince of Wales on Climate Change and the interplay between technology, people & religion. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth downloading. The lecture underlines the fact that many influences will be required moving forward – religion being just one of them.

So it was a good pause for reflection on the different roles people are playing in coming to grips with the climate change challenges our population will face over the coming years.

As we all go about our busy lives – where money making and materialism is high on the agenda – I wonder whether we will see a deliberate shift away from the unrelenting demands of consumerism and the trappings of material wealth. Perhaps a reconnection to more simple things in life.

For me, the last week of long lunches, food and wine shared with cherished people, to a background of gently sounding bells around the necks of contentedly munching cows and glorious green mountains, was a welcome reconnection to what life should be like.

So, back to earth with a bump then … and for those of you who know me, I’m not about to sign up and become a monk just yet …

By Debby Lloyd
Managing Director, EcoSearch

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Test Drivers Wanted for Mini's Prototype Electric Car

Drivers from South East England can volunteer, you just need to have a driving licence, be happy with a left hand drive car and have your own garage or carport for the charging unit to be installed in. The trial lasts for six months and kicks off in December.

You will have to rent the prototype, costing you £330 per month, but you will have up to 90% lower running costs, no maintenance charges, no tax or insurance to pay and the Mini-E is exempt from the London congestion charge. The free insurance, lack of maintenance bills and a cut of £220 per month to the lease cost comes thanks to funding from the Technology Strategy Board.

The Mini-E is a prototype and only 40 have been made. The research done in this trial will likely inform the development of all other 100% electric vehicles.

For more information and to apply, simply visit

By Katharine Robinson
Research Associate, EcoSearch

Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Carbon Show 2009

What? Billed as the first ever international exhibition dedicated to carbon, The Carbon Show covers everything from consulting and carbon audits to low carbon solutions for your business.

There will be interactive workshops, seminars, panel debates and plenary sessions. The Carbon Show 2009 offers a wealth of expertise, insight, and best practice. Visitors will have the chance to mix and match these elements to design their own programme. This will give attendees tailored advice and guidance on the carbon market as well as the management of their organisation’s carbon emission scheme.

When? The Carbon Show is a two day event kicking off on Tuesday 29th September 2009

Where? Excel, London

Why? The conference brings people in the industry together before the crucial Copenhagen summit in December, offering the opportunity to network with potential clients, contacts and industry leaders.

The draft Climate Change Bill commits the UK to reductions in CO2 emissions of at least 26% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Consider the huge opportunities offered by this commitment -The Carbon Show will help you make the most of them!

Who? The Carbon Show features exhibitors from across the carbon industry. EcoSearch will have a presence at the show. We look forward to meeting lots of new faces and helping all of those

Take a look at the extensive Exhibitor list to get a flavour of who you will see at the show.

Pre-register now for FREE general admission to the exhibition and advanced booking privileges for a series of innovative seminars and workshop programmes.

Don’t forget you can follow @EcoSearch and @TheCarbonShow on Twitter even if you are unable to attend. If you are tweeting from the show - don't forget to use the hashtag #carbonshow so that others can follow the show.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Happy First Birthday ''!

On Saturday 12th October 2009, EcoSearch’s blog turned one year old. We launched this blog a year ago hoping to provide useful information and insight for those in the Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Carbon Management spaces.

Cake close

In that time our most popular posts have been;

September’s Green and Renewable Energy Event’s
EcoSearch are committed to bringing you the most comprehensive guide to green events around. Each month we highlight events here on the blog and have an ever expanding master list that you can download as a pdf file. This has proved very popular with our readers and a useful resource for everyone in the EcoSearch office.
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This post is probably a little out of date now although it still lists some great folks to follow. We have also highlighted a lot of great online news sources and twitter accounts too.
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We hope that our readers continue to find value here at

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by to read and comment in the last year. You are the reason we keep going.

Look out for new and exciting changes coming up in the next few months here on EcoSearch's blog.

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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Understanding What the 10:10 Project is and What You Have to Do to Be Part of It

10:10 is a project to rally every sector of British society behind a very simple idea – to cut the UK’s carbon emissions by 10% before the end of 2010.

The philosophy behind this is for the UK to demonstrate to the policy setters that we are ready, able and willing to reduce our GHG emissions and happy not to wait for policy to be imposed on us as that would likely be a long time coming. Franny Armstrong, one of the idea developers, explains this really well on the Guardian’s 10:10 site.

EcoSearch as a business and myself as an individual have committed to reducing our emissions, so understanding what it is and what we need to do is important. Thankfully the first 10% reduction is the easy step.

A couple of thoughts on how to start:
  1. Energy in the home / office – replace all light bulbs with energy efficiency light bulbs, turn off radiators in halls and unused spaces, lower the thermostat by one degree, insulate your walls and lofts. There are grants available for cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, so take advantage of them!
  2. Buy quality products – quality products last longer meaning they need replacing less. Less replacement translates to less manufacturing and less emissions.
  3. Eat better – local food that is in season has the smallest carbon footprint. Reduce your impact buy buying locally and from independent businesses. You will feel better for it too!
There are plenty of simple actions you can take to begin the process – that’s exactly what 10:10 is all about. Think about your own lifestyle and business – if you travel a lot, how can you minimise it? If you have an inefficient property – what can you do to improve it?

Specific targeting of the big emission sources in your micro-environment is easy to do and what this project is about.

So get to the 10:10 site, commit to the cause and let’s show the policy setters we are ready!

By Steven Rogers
Sector Lead for Carbon and Renewable Energy Engineering

Friday, 4 September 2009

Green and Renewable Energy Events – October 2009

October is another manic month for events. There are so many events in fact that we have only selected those occurring in Europe to display in this blog post. You can view the full list, with events taking place globally for the next 12 months here. Be sure to do your homework and don’t miss out on the best ones for you to attend.

EcoSearch aims to bring you a comprehensive list of all the events happening across the Renewable Energy, Cleantech and Carbon Management sectors. If we’re missing an event or conference, please leave us a comment or drop us an email and we’ll update our list – it’s our way of helping you connect with the right people.


Featured Events:


Sustainable Cities & Communities
30th September & 1st October 2009 - Geneva, Switzerland

Eolica Expo Mediterranean 2009
30th September & 2nd October 2009 - Rome, Italy

GeoTech Expo 2009 - First Mediterranean Earth Industry Technology Exhibition
30th September & 2nd October 2009 - Rome, Italy

AWBriefing - European CO2 Emission Performance Standards: Enhancing Policy, Collaboration and Innovation
1st October 2009 - Brussels, Belgium

Green Monday (2degrees)
5th October 2009 - London, UK

Gartner Data Center Summit
5th & 6th October 2009 - London, UK

Energy Solutions Expo 2009 (part of 'Working Buildings 2009')
7th & 8th October 2009 – London, UK

Working Buildings 2009 (part of 'Working Buildings 2009')
7th & 8th October 2009 – London, UK

NEREC - North European Renewable Energy Convention
7th & 8th October 2009 – Oslow, Norway

8th October 2009 - Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

East Midlands EXPO - greening The Economy
8th October 2009 – Leicester, UK

Energy for a sustainable future
8th October 2009 – Turin, Italy

European Bioenergy Expo and Conference
8th & 9th October 2009 – Warwickshire, UK

R-energy - International Expos for Renewable Energy-Turkey
8th - 11th October 2009 – Istanbul, Turkey

The Energy Forum (Marketforce and the IRA's 10th Anniversary Conference)
12th & 13th October 2009 – London, UK

Voluntary Carbon Markets
12th & 13th October 2009 – London, UK

Green Power Academy - An Intoduction to Renewables
12th & 13th October 2009 – London, UK

Innovate '09 - The Technology Strategy Board's annual exhibition and conference
13th October 2009 – London, UK

National Energy Foundation - Photovoltaics & Wind Seminar
13th October 2009 – Milton Keynes, UK

Green Drinks – London
13th October 2009 – London, UK

World Energy Council Energy Leaders Summit - Financial Times
13th & 14th October 2009 – London, UK

Hargould EcoShowcase Liverpool - Sustainable Building Product Exhibition
14th October 2009 – Liverpool, UK

Green Power Academy - An Introduction to Solar technology Markets
14th & 15th October 2009 – London, UK

8th Internataional Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems
14th & 15th October 2009 – Breman, Germany

European Offshore Wind 2009 Conference & Exhibition
14th – 16th October 2009 – Stockholm, Sweden

Solar Summit Freiburg 2009
14th – 16th October 2009 – Freiburg, Germany

15th October 2009 - Dublin, Ireland
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International Hydropower Association - Advancing sustainable hydropower
15th & 16th October 2009 – Bulgaria

European Energy Efficiency Strategies
19th & 20th October 2009 – Brussels, Belgium

Carbon Finance 2009
20th & 21st October 2009 – London, UK

BWEA 31 - The UK's leading renewable energy event
20th & 22nd October 2009 – Liverpool, UK

Eco Innovate 09
21st October 2009 – Essex, UK

The IET - Norman Davies Memorial Lecture: Capturing the Sun
21st October 2009 – London, UK

22nd October 2009 - London, UK

4th Power & Cooling for Datacentres Conference & Exhibition
22nd October 2009 – London, UK

5th Emerging Europe Energy Summit
22nd & 23rd October 2009 – Prague, Czech Republic

Sustainable Innovation 09
26th & 27th October 2009

HYDRO 2009
26th – 28th October 2009 – Lyon, France

27th & 28th October 2009 - Co. Kildare, Ireland
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Entsorga-Enteco: The International Trade Fair for Recycling Management and Environmental Technology
27th – 30th October 2009 – Cologne, France

Institute of Mechanical Engineers - Carbon Capture & Storage 2009
28th & 29th October 2009 – London. UK

ETH EnergieTage Hessen 2009
30th October 2009 – 1st November 2009 – Wetzlar, Germany

We will publish a similar list for November soon.

Click here for September’s Green and Renewable Energy Event List.

Click here to download a full list of Green and Renewable Energy events for the next 12 months from