Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Arctic Survey Update

EcoSearch are Honorary Advisors to The Arctic Survey which will gain unprecedented global publicity in early 2009.

Data collected will be assembled for the UNFCCC.

Support includes HRH Prince of Wales & WWF. Since January of this year the core team has been focused on fundraising for Arctic Survey and the project is now officially on the starting blocks and limbering up for the ‘off’ in February.

Arctic Survey big
Image copyright Martin Hartley

Sponsorship Opportunities for corporate organisations are available below

Specialist Surveying Equipment - £40K
Explorers’ Expedition Equipment - £75K
Explorers’ Technical, Physical and Psychological Training - £15K
Pioneering Ice-Penetrating Radar - £130K
Global Public Engagement Website - £100K
Final Ice Trials - £40K
Explorers’ Drop-Off and Pick-Up Flights - £100K
Specialist Air-Drop Resupply Programme - £325K
Science Programme - £75K
Radar Data Processing and Analysis - £50K
Super-Computer Modelling Time - £100K
Scientific Findings Report - £30K
Global Policy Engagement - £100K
Mobile Phone Air Time - £25K (could be given in kind)

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