Monday, 23 February 2009

25 random things about EcoSearch

As you may have noticed, there has been a meme craze sweeping Facebook in the last few months, where users list 25 random things about themselves so their friends can learn more about them.

We liked the idea and thought you might like to learn 25 random things about EcoSearch;
  1. EcoSearch can reach candidates across more than 82 different vertical markets in more than 32 countries.
  2. We’re already planning our expansion in Australia and the USA as a result of some of specialist skills demand we’ve already been able to meet for our clients.
  3. We were the first global Executive Search organisation to exhibit at the annual All-Energy conference in Aberdeen in 2007. See us at stand E15 this year in May.
  4. Our wind energy team, led by Clare Buxton have been instrumental in the deployment of wind energy projects and wind technology development in the UK, France, Germany and Eastern Europe.
  5. The cleantech team believe that the skill shortage in technology for operational development in the USA will stall any presidential investment.
  6. The thermal energy team has been paramount in the creation of many new departments and new companies.
  7. Phillip Clement is currently involved in putting a team together for a 200m euro green golfing complex in the Algarve.
  8. The talent that we have provided to our clients is deployed in high profile projects from the Isle of Wight Eco Island Project and the European Space Agency.
  9. We’ve just been shortlisted for the Recruiter Awards 2009.
  10. We are not tofu eaters or tree huggers – although Debby does lay claim to having a productive wormery!
  11. Many in our team enjoy environmentally friendly water based sports – all of us enjoy frozen water based sports (i.e. Snowboarding, skiing etc)!
  12. We are a high growth SEEDA (South East England Development Agency) Portfolio Company and as such share many synergies with the high growth innovation companies we work with.
  13. Between us we have 41 years experience in recruitment and executive search.
  14. This blog is read by people across 33 countries/territories, as far afield as New Zealand and Singapore.
  15. The EcoSearch team includes keen sailors with plans to sail around the world in the EcoSearch yacht.
  16. We believe that it’s not all about “Recruiting”. EcoSearch is passionate about delivering added value to its clients and candidates, acting as a go-to point for ideas and relationship creation amongst the biggest and best “green” companies.
  17. Between them, the EcoSearch team can converse across four languages.
  18. The EcoSearch offices are located on the old Greenham common in Newbury. Rumoured to be an old haunt of Dale Vince, CEO of Ecotricity (maybe he would like to confirm this, we wouldn’t want to be accused of casting aspersions).
  19. EcoSearch directors Debby Lloyd and Phillip Clement are honorary advisors to The Catlin Arctic Survey.
  20. EcoSearch has a Facebook page. You can become a fan if you like, just follow the link on the right of this web page.
  21. Steven Rogers’ first job was issuing cow passports.
  22. The team’s favourite crisps seem to be Hula Hoops. We sometimes say that we are powered by tea and Hula Hoops.
  23. Between us we will connect to between 150 and 200 renewable energy professionals in any one week.
  24. Katharine Robinson knits. Her projects to date include a ball gown, suit and a cat-suit. If you are interested, there are details online... somewhere.
  25. We are serious, but honestly, when the planet is falling apart around you, a sense of humour is essential.

Feel free to leave a link to 25 things about you...

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  1. I never actually went to Greenham Common. At the time I was part of a group that occupied the USAF base at Molesworth in Cambs. We squatted on land designated for the base over the winter of 84 I think, got evicted by Hesletine (in his flak jacket and TV make up) in a move that the Guardian reported took more squaddies than it took to take Goose Green in the Falklands (and there were only a 100 hippies or so). The camps, Molesworth and Greenham, had very similar purposes I believe, to prevent the stationing of US nukes in Britain. But the Greenham was a camp for women only (I think), that was certainly what we held to be true back in the day, so although we shared much of a common agenda, us guys from Molesworth never went there, didn't want to upset anyone (except the MOD, US etc etc). So rumour denied, but it was close enough :)