Friday, 5 December 2008

The Clean Capital Network

On Monday evening (1st December) I went to The Clean Capital Network in Mayfair, London. The event is a networking event focused on helping growth companies in clean-tech and clean energy achieve successful financing. With 120 people registered it was a busy night full of familiar faces and the odd glass of Champagne – a fantastic evening in short!

There are all sorts of people that attend, from lawyers, R&D engineers, consultants, to investment firms plus the related services. To be blunt on the attendees, there are three distinct groups of people; one group with bright ideas and technologies who require funding, one who are investors seeking potential projects and the third is the service providers to the other two – e.g. legal, research and insurance.

It works on the ‘Dragons Den’ investor pitch format, where you have 5 or 10 minutes to say who you are, what your project is and what you are looking for. Usually investees request between £1 million and £25 million.

Out the interesting people I met, one seemed very switched on – A Managing Director of a small scale hydro project development company in Chile, normally 2 to 20 MW in size. He is a really interesting gentleman who is dedicated to providing South America with reliable and inexpensive energy with an immaculate engineering background. Is there also a tie in with the generation of carbon credits?

The main reason for the service industries, such as EcoSearch, attending is because a large proportion of the evening is dedicated to networking and conversation about the renewable world, what the current developments and trends meaning it is a great opportunity to hear and discuss this market and its upward trend!

The Clean Capital Network runs monthly so I hope to see some of you there In the New Year!

By Steven Rogers
Carbon Markets Sector Lead

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