Monday, 1 December 2008

Our Favourites to follow on Twitter for Green News

If you are already using Twitter then this needs no introduction.

If you are new to this fast growing social media phenomenon then I suggest you take a look at signing up. It takes a couple of minutes and appears oddly simple and a little pointless at first. If you keep using it though, its power soon becomes evident.

This was inspired by a fantastic post by Darren Rowse (@problogger) on his twitter tips blog, TwiTip. If you would like to learn more about twitter, this is a great place to get ideas and find out who you should be following.

For those of you looking for interesting green folks to follow, here are few favourites from the EcoSearch office:

  1. @BBC _Earth – for all things nature, eco and energy

  2. @BigGreenSwitch – Energy saving tips ever day

  3. @CEBUX – our very own Clare Buxton brings you wind industry news and interesting updates from the EcoSearch blog

  4. @EcoWales – Eco and Green from a Welsh perspective, fed from the Cardiff School of Journalism

  5. @Glaci3r - environmental news, reviews, and media

  6. @GreatGreen – for green shopping tips

  7. @Greenpep – Interesting sites, blog posts and retweets

  8. @Greenprofs – for blog posts and news from Green Professionals

  9. @Novogreen – blog posts and news articles

  10. @UN_ClimateTalks – Get the news straight from the talks taking place 1st – 12th December.

We would be delighted to know who you enjoying following for your fix of green news and views, please make suggestions in the comments.

By Katharine Robinson

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  1. Great list!

    A good addition for my list of mostly US based green sites!

    Here is my list so far:


  2. Good list. I posted on almost exactly the same thing earlier today at NRDC's Switchboard (but couldn't hold myself to just 10): Great green Twitter feeds for environmental news junkies