Thursday, 26 March 2009

"Open talk" - Something’s changing … its out of the bag

A moment to reflect.

Am I the only person thinking there’s a new undercurrent bubbling to the surface and that the “its too late" scenario is becoming more mainstream in discussions?

Views that were once the reserve of the true “beard brigade” are suddenly hitting executive level around the dinner table. Comments that 2 years ago were made in jest, are now being discussed with seriousness. Renewable Energy Deployment is now a question of “survival” projects not “nice to haves”.

When you start seeing local people take control of the “bottom up” people influencing and start forming sustainable living communities and clubs… that’s interesting.

In our office we have the privilege of open and “off line” discussions with some real experts across the world. We hear a lot of views and we form a lot of views. Some of those we choose not to discuss. The implications are too far reaching and catastrophic to contemplate. It’s a bit like string theory. We have to get on with the day job – placing people in some of the greatest sustainability projects of our time.

Outside the office we tend to keep our “far right or far left” views to ourselves. But seriously I really have been sensing a step change this last month. Just look at the media and reflect on your conversations over this last month. There is massaging and undercurrents bubbling in the media. A willingness – almost an acceptance - at conversational level with people in our industry that they think “it’s too late”.

Subtle, but very definitely there. What do you think?

And what is the new age term for “green doomsayer?” – lets create one – a prize to the best submission ... I challenge you!

Debby Lloyd
Managing Director, EcoSearch

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