Wednesday, 25 March 2009

RSPB changes sides!

The Wind Energy sector gained another supporter today, and one that had previously been protesting against it.

I was surprised to read this morning on the BBC news and then the Times (just to reassure myself it was true!) that the RSPB have significantly changed their tune with regards to their attitude to Wind Farms, and are now calling on the government to set firm targets for developing wind energy and saying that it would be “disastrous” if wind power in the UK was wasted. The RSPB commissioned a report from the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP), which found the UK lagging far behind in the drive for wind power.

The ornithologists, who previously campaigned against Wind Farms because they believed they could interfere with migration routes and be dangerous, have been obstructive to Wind Farms (the RSPB led the campaign to prevent the construction of a wind farm on the Isle of Lewis). They now believe that the UK is behind its targets and that wind energy projects should be pushed. They still want areas to be mapped out to avoid certain habitats, but now recognise that climate change is a more dangerous threat to many species – the rising temperatures will drive many birds, and other wildlife, away from their current homes.

It looks like wind energy may have earned itself a significant ally.

By Clare Buxton
Sector Lead for Wind Energy, EcoSearch

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