Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Test Drivers Wanted for Mini's Prototype Electric Car

Drivers from South East England can volunteer, you just need to have a driving licence, be happy with a left hand drive car and have your own garage or carport for the charging unit to be installed in. The trial lasts for six months and kicks off in December.

You will have to rent the prototype, costing you £330 per month, but you will have up to 90% lower running costs, no maintenance charges, no tax or insurance to pay and the Mini-E is exempt from the London congestion charge. The free insurance, lack of maintenance bills and a cut of £220 per month to the lease cost comes thanks to funding from the Technology Strategy Board.

The Mini-E is a prototype and only 40 have been made. The research done in this trial will likely inform the development of all other 100% electric vehicles.

For more information and to apply, simply visit

By Katharine Robinson
Research Associate, EcoSearch

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