Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Understanding What the 10:10 Project is and What You Have to Do to Be Part of It

10:10 is a project to rally every sector of British society behind a very simple idea – to cut the UK’s carbon emissions by 10% before the end of 2010.

The philosophy behind this is for the UK to demonstrate to the policy setters that we are ready, able and willing to reduce our GHG emissions and happy not to wait for policy to be imposed on us as that would likely be a long time coming. Franny Armstrong, one of the idea developers, explains this really well on the Guardian’s 10:10 site.

EcoSearch as a business and myself as an individual have committed to reducing our emissions, so understanding what it is and what we need to do is important. Thankfully the first 10% reduction is the easy step.

A couple of thoughts on how to start:
  1. Energy in the home / office – replace all light bulbs with energy efficiency light bulbs, turn off radiators in halls and unused spaces, lower the thermostat by one degree, insulate your walls and lofts. There are grants available for cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, so take advantage of them!
  2. Buy quality products – quality products last longer meaning they need replacing less. Less replacement translates to less manufacturing and less emissions.
  3. Eat better – local food that is in season has the smallest carbon footprint. Reduce your impact buy buying locally and from independent businesses. You will feel better for it too!
There are plenty of simple actions you can take to begin the process – that’s exactly what 10:10 is all about. Think about your own lifestyle and business – if you travel a lot, how can you minimise it? If you have an inefficient property – what can you do to improve it?

Specific targeting of the big emission sources in your micro-environment is easy to do and what this project is about.

So get to the 10:10 site, commit to the cause and let’s show the policy setters we are ready!

By Steven Rogers
Sector Lead for Carbon and Renewable Energy Engineering

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