Monday, 14 September 2009

Happy First Birthday ''!

On Saturday 12th October 2009, EcoSearch’s blog turned one year old. We launched this blog a year ago hoping to provide useful information and insight for those in the Renewable Energy, Clean Technology and Carbon Management spaces.

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In that time our most popular posts have been;

September’s Green and Renewable Energy Event’s
EcoSearch are committed to bringing you the most comprehensive guide to green events around. Each month we highlight events here on the blog and have an ever expanding master list that you can download as a pdf file. This has proved very popular with our readers and a useful resource for everyone in the EcoSearch office.
Do you still need Head Hunters in a down Economy?
This post really explains where EcoSearch’s approach benefits its clients, especially in the current economic climate.
University Challenge - Questions on Renewable Energy Projects
A fun post, written at the spur of the moment. It got a lot of search engine traffic after the rise to fame of Gail Trimble and the later disqualification of Corpus Christi (link to The Guardian).
Our Favourites to follow on Twitter for Renewable Energy News
This post is probably a little out of date now although it still lists some great folks to follow. We have also highlighted a lot of great online news sources and twitter accounts too.
Green IT Challenges
Green IT is a passion of our MD, Debby Lloyd. Every year she runs a very exclusive Green IT lunch.

We hope that our readers continue to find value here at

Thank you to everyone that has stopped by to read and comment in the last year. You are the reason we keep going.

Look out for new and exciting changes coming up in the next few months here on EcoSearch's blog.

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